Construction Machinery

Backhoe Loaders

For the machine that employs the load sensing system K3VLS series pump and KLSV control valve enable highly efficiency and superior controllability. PV48 series pilot control valve realizes smooth and precise control characteristic. For the machine that employs Hydrostatic Transmission system for travel, K8V series pump and M7V series motor contribute to the efficient and powerful travtive performance.


Model Displacement (cm3) Pressure (MPa) Control Type

K3VLS series

50 – 150 28
  • Load Sensing
  • Pressure Control
  • Electric Flow Control

K8V series

71 – 130 42
  • Electric Flow Control
  • Hydraulic Pilot Flow Control


Model Displacement (cm3) Output Torque (Nm) Speed (min-1)

M7V/M7VC/M7X series

85 – 212 541 – 1437

4500 – 2900
(at max displacement)

Control Valves

Model Max. Pressure (MPa) Max. Flow (L/min) Max. No. of Sections

KLSV series

35-40 240-450 (P-Port)
180-400 (Section)

*LS margin pressure = 1.5 MPa

Pilot Control Valves

Model Max. Inlet Pressure (MPa) Output Pressure (MPa) Rated Flow (L/min)

PV48 series

6.9 0~2.9 15-20



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